Introducing the Herb Records Collective

Herb Records 2013, which will be officially released on November 5, 2013, includes the musical works of Congo Sanchez, Hydrophonics, and Groove Status. Their complementary skills and sounds are compiled into a 40 minute mix – bringing the vibe of the Herb Records collective to your eardrums for the first time. This organic approach to studio production pays homage to classic downtempo, trip/hip-hop, and dub reggae, with a modern blend of moombah, dance, and world-funk rhythms. This compilation sets the tone for the launch of Herb Records, the music label founded by Congo Sanchez. 1385807_463688753750887_881965987_n

Congo’s time touring and recording with Thievery Corporation has had an incredible influence on his sound; his multifaceted experiences shine through the aesthetic delivered in this mix. His new sounds accentuate his drumming roots, showing a progression into a percussion-heavy mix for the dance floor. Hydrophonics, an experienced producer and live-looping genius, adds a crisp layer of consistently fresh sounds and urban-inspired beats. His track, “Sunrise,” is an awakening introduction to the mix. Groove Status is a master of all that is funky, with a groove-hop flavor that adds a smooth bounce to electronic dance tunes. His first track enters the mix at about twelve minutes in, with a sexy vibe that lives up to its name, “Love Sauce.” The three artists together make up the high-grade sound that is Herb Records.


The three artists together make up the high-grade sound that is Herb Records. You can catch the whole collective DJing and performing live at “Pura Vibra” at Tropicalia, in Washington D.C. on October 25, 2013. This November, Congo will be joined by Hydrophonics for his East coast tour, and will continue into the West coast later in the month - refer to the listing below to find a show near you.