Congo Sanchez - 'Dealin' With This'



Album Drops November 18th, 2014

"With all of the injustices that are going on with the world, we feel it is important to make music that documents our feelings and perspectives during these times. Our music is a reaction to police brutality, unjust war for profit, pharmaceutical poisoning of the youth, the caste system, media exploitation, gentrification, societal ignorance, religion, sexism, racism and love."

- Jeffrey James Franca

‘Dealin' With This,’ the first full length LP from Congo Sanchez is an amalgamation of musical influences symbiotically continuing the unique sound achieved by producer and creator Jeffrey James Franca, AKA "Congo". The album features the vocal talents of band members Flex Mathews and Haile Supreme, as well as special guests Mr. Lif, Ras Nebyu, and Brittany Tanner. The most unique cameo of the album is a choir comprised of the bands nieces and nephews featured on the opening cut, "Gentrified Children". Each song on the album tells a different story, touching on the real life experiences of the band. Experiences ranging from the perils of life on the road, broken hearts and dreams, to deceased family members and political protest pieces. ‘Dealin' With This’ takes a real approach to composition and pushes the boundaries musically and socially. It is a refreshing, relatable presentation of word and sound, with a relevant and thought provoking message.

The evolution of this ensemble has happened naturally over the past year and a half. Having already captivated audiences from coast to coast, and now with the completion their first full length record, it is clear that Congo, Haile and Flex are on the rise as a cutting edge musical force. Congo's time as the drummer for Thievery Corporation has clearly had an effect on his ear as he continues to explore the down-tempo, reggae mezcla, with an obvious hip-hop overtone to the composition. Listeners will hear an array of sounds and rhythms, paying homage to the roots of music with thick layers of percussion; signature to the Congo Sanchez sound. All of this accompanied by a conscious message and an authentic lyrical approach creates a superb listening experience.

Revolutionary music of the past has historically been instrumental in social progress and civil change. The group reminds us that our guard cannot be let down, that artists can and must continue to use music as a tool for social awareness. In the words of the great Stevie Wonder, "Have we really come this far through space and time, or is this just a vision in my mind?" Based on the current events of this generation, it sadly confirms that the progress portrayed is merely a mirage, a facade to maintain the blissful ignorance of the general public. With this first full-length album Congo Sanchez draws their line in the sand and invites you to join them.