New Single Release: Congo Sanchez - "Are You ready"

As promised, Congo Sanchez has released track 2 off their upcoming album, 'Dealin' With This', and it is a banger! This song will keep your mind in the realm of hip-hop while getting your dancing shoes moving. A groovy dance beat lead by the soothing and sensual vocals of Brittany Tanner, keeps you strangely calm yet motivated to adventure into the night. Put this one on repeat because its going to be your evening's theme song. 

"Are You Ready," introduces the soulful voice of the girl next door, Brittany Tanner. Brittany's vocals are longing for love and not just of any kind. She is thirsty for fresh culture, for love of time well spent, and feels as though her music can open the eyes of people blinded by her societies agenda. She wants desperately to give her love to somebody but struggles to find a like minded mate so she puts her energy into music in belief that following her passion will lead her to the true love she seeks. The verse recited by Congo, ties the message together and further calls out the mindless repetition of a society blinded by the dollar. The production on this song stands out with flourishes of jazz marimba, blended with an up beat two step dance beat. A deep approach to hip hop made to free your spirit on the dance-floor."

-Congo Sanchez