New Single Release: Congo Sanchez - "Dealin' With This"

Our night just got better because Congo Sanchez has gifted us one more sneak peak, and its the title track off their new album that drops tomorrow! This song really drives home the theme of this records and the message behind the project. Haile Supreme's heartfelt chorus surrounded by Flex Mathew's crisp lyrics gives this song it's soul. An array of drums and synths supported by a mysterious keys section maintain this album's uniqueness. Don't forget that you can buy the album tomorrow on iTunes!!

"The album's title track, "Dealin' With This," stems from the original sessions where the band first started to collaborate. The song opens with a sample recorded on Congo's phone while he was sitting in traffic one day. He was listening to a program on first hand accounts of Japanese Americans during World War II, and their accounts of being segregated out of society and put into prison camps. This particular excerpt is a Japanese woman discussing her experience and that of an American "white boy" who's sympathy for the imprisoned Japanese Americans became to great, so he had to leave knowing that the society around him was not sympathetic towards the situation of the prisoners. Before Haile's vocal even comes in, the listener already feels the depth of this song. The chorus represents the disbelief that one goes thru when dealing with loss, tragedy, war or depression. The band has dedicated this song to all who have lost a loved one, and was inspired by the loss of the youngest in Jeffrey's family, his little brother Nicholas Toms Franca. The words of Flex on this tune hit very close to home when aware of the topic at hand. Coupled with Haile's pre-chorus chant and desperate vocal melody, the trio shines to the fullest on this one. The rhythm of the beat is very unique with the characteristic world percussion layers of Congo's productions. An atonal synth pattern and dense production style is representative of the chaotic feeling of a life out of control flying by without slowing down, and the strength that it takes to get back up to speed, merging back into the lane that takes you back to your path."

-Congo Sanchez