New Single Release: Congo Sanchez - "Gentrified Children"

In the honor of telling the real story behind this album, Congo Sanchez will be debuting each song in the order in which it plays on the CD. Over the next week and half, a new track will be released for streaming each day until the release date. Along with each track release comes a personal note from the group about the inspirations of the song and what the lyrics mean to the bandmates. Today marks the release of Track 1 of 10 from Congo Sanchez's brand new full length release titled 'Dealin' With This'. 

"Gentrified Children," brings the listener in close with a beautifully orchestrated introduction that sets the tone for the record. Once settled into the groove, the vocals enter with a mixed choir of familial youth, and the bands singers. The first lyrics are sung from the perspective of a child living in a world where gentrification is running rampant, and the beauty of variance and randomness is tarnished by a society on repeat, only finding comfort in that which is familiar. This message is further depicted by Flex Mathews' verse on the bridge section where he describes the affects of gentrification on his own neighborhood as he has witnessed it in Columbia Heights, Washington DC. The track finishes out with a blend of live and electronic beats accompanied by a rock solid bass line and a psychedelic wash of voices, dripping synths and organic sounds. An AM radio then tunes into the next song, paying homage to the vibrations in the atmosphere that pass through us everyday unknowingly."

-Congo Sanchez