New Single Release: Congo Sanchez - "Love Lost" feat. Mr. Lif

Love Lost, a theme that tears at your heartstrings and stirs deep emotions. To keep you centered Congo has teamed up with another of his Thievery Corporation bandmates and underground hip-hop regular, Mr. Lif.  Backed by ghostly female vocals, Mr. Lif tells the lonesome tale of a woman in search of her lost love. His unique delivery weaves symbiotically with Congo's west coast approach to this track. Synths and a nostalgic 808 are just the beginning to why this song will keep you listening over and over. 

"Love Lost," a collaboration between Congo and Mr. Lif, finds it's spot batting clean up on the record and does nothing short of knocking it out of the park. The song, based on a melody from Turkish Psychedelic Singer Kamuran Akkor, describes a journey in which a girl follows her heart all over the world in search for her lost love. She goes through physical and emotional perils leading almost to her death. Mr. Lif's vocals paint a clear picture evoking emotion throughout the verses. He presents many archetypal instances of love and shows his depth and wisdom with his creative approach. The beat on this track will take you back. Filled out with a hypnotic modal guitar, accompanied by an 808 holding down the low end, and just enough vintage synths to bring you into outer-space and back, this song will find its way into your timeless folder for sure."

-Congo Sanchez