New Single Release: Congo Sanchez - "Out On The Road"

The life of a touring musician is not as glamorous as it's made out to be and the perils of fleeting relationships are a common song. Everything hits home in this track starting with the dancy beat lead by Haile Supreme's powerful chorus. Lacing it all together with true-to-life verses is the groups resident rhyme sayer, Flex Mathews. The cherry on top of this sundae are the original voicemails provided by the band members that open and close this tune. Enjoy track 6 from Congo Sanchez's new album 'Dealin' With This'.

"The beginning of "Out on the road" sets the mood perfectly for the topic of the song to come. The band chose to sample actual voicemails that they've received over the years, to paint a picture of the different types of relationships that one may encounter when living the life of a touring musician. The chord progression on this jam is full of emotion with an old school driving house bass line. The band shows their skills in all directions featuring Haile's versatile voice on the intro and choruses, and the stellar MC work of Flex Mathews on the verses. This is the band as you will see them live in their pure form, as they have been for the first year of their existence. The energy level of this song is high, and the beat, an up tempo 4 on the floor with sounds of the brazilian underground, blended with the deep vibes of Chicago and Detroit. "Out On The Road" is a playful, polyrhythmic, dance masterpiece"

-Congo Sanchez