New Single Release: Congo Sanchez - "Stand Beside Yourself"

If you haven't yet been entranced by the feeling and soul that has been woven into this album you will hear it ringing loud and clear in this track. "Stand By Yourself" is the third song from Congo Sanchez's new album 'Dealin' With This', and it is soaked in the band's passion for life, originality, and appreciation for the moment. Inspiring lyrics accompanied by a myriad of electronic and recorded sounds confirms another success from the anticipated full-length release. Pre-order 'Dealin With This' here.

"Since the inception of the collective, Haile, Flex, and Congo have been writing together, collaborating on new ideas, and reworking old sketches into fruition. "Stand Beside Yourself," is a brand new collaboration that features a fresh take on rhythm, paying homage to the bands love for dub style music. Haile's soaring vocal depicts a message of humility and understanding. A humble response to the various facets of our world that continue to condemn others who come from a different culture or belief system. In 2014 we have seen a resurgence of bigotry and a further separation of the people. This is supposed to be behind us as a society but the political agendas seem to be perpetuating this style of rule. A moment outside of thyself is what this song is about. A pure moment where all is seen for its true purpose not monetary or political value. Special Guest Ras Nebyu continues with a verse describing his process for which he achieves these moments in his own life, and the struggle that sometimes arises when he tries to stand beside his-self. Polished off with a blend of live and electronic sounds, the moments created musically in this track are equally as euphoric as that moment when you can truly remove and reflect."

-Congo Sanchez