Vapor, Smoking Reinvented

Herb Records is a collective of musicians, innovators, and creative thinkers, and we encourage living outside the box. A new life experience is something to be savored, so I wanted to share my most recent enlightenment with all of you. It started when I accidentally walked into my first vapor bar last week. I was intriguingly perplexed as to what was going on in this new age facility. It looked like a normal bar from the exterior but there weren't very many people inside. It smelled like a hookah lounge but there were no hookahs in sight. Everyone inside was sardined around the elegant oak bar reaching and pointing over each other. At the bar there was a frenzy of avid patrons that I suppose were all looking to try the hot new flavor. Each "vaporizer" (someone who vaporizes?) seated or standing at the bar was clutching a metallic device which I only assumed to be the vaporizing apparatus.  During my brief stint standing in the doorway with my jaw on the floor, I gathered that customers could rent out the apparatus while at the bar and sample various flavors of vapor. Everyone was intently staring and gesturing to the repurposed wine rack lining the wall behind the bar tenders. Once apparently satisfied they would then point to a selection on the wall and the bar tender would hand them their choice. Each flavor was scrawled on a white adhesive label and stuck to a metallic container. I thought for a brief moment that they were serving medical cannabis in an open bar setting, but common sense took over as I knew that could not be true.

Then I noticed the discheveled looking 18 and 19 year olds sitting on the post-modern furniture lining the exterior of the room. They all looked as if they were gasping for their first breaths of oxygen in a few hours. None of them were speaking, but they were all staring into their various electronic devices. This was the moment my bewilderment faded and I realized what had attracted my attention in the first place. It was the heated chess game going on in the front window. Now with my horizons expanded once more I moved on along down the street towards the next string of pubs while still pondering what I had just seen. Our grandparent's generation went to cigar bars and dipped their Cubans in brandy. Now we vaporize artificial flavors on space-age carpentry while narcissistically posting about it on five different social media networks. I'll stick to walking.

Read the recent study released about e-cigarette health risks here: