Brian Carroll, the sole audio mechanic behind Groove Status, has had a flourishing obsession with bass music since an early age. Following his dreams, he immersed himself in the local music scene as early as he could. He meshed well with the music culture and began receiving tips from established musicians like Congo Sanchez. Being born and raised in Richmond, Virginia he frequently crossed paths with influential musicians while still gathering a solid fanbase of his own. Soon after proving his ability to make people move in ways he never thought possible, he was playing live in front of crowds much older than he. Groove Status thrives on sharing his blend of glitchy funk by making it a day-to-day ritual. 

To sincerely understand Brian Carroll you must understand what the Groove Status is. It, is a state of understanding, it is the feeling of rhythmic patterns while engaged in a cycle of motion.  This motion emerges from naturally aligned rhythms and melodies carefully sculpted by a tonal expert.  Once your brain interprets the signals being received by your ears muscle movement will be unstoppable.  The soundwaves then trigger a primal response quickly carried out by your brain resulting in dancing, foot-tapping, and involuntary finger snapping. This is the Groove Status.